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March 2019

WasabimGames "Xenon 2", a vertical scrolling shooter game designed by The Bitmap Brothers (although coded by The Assembly Line)……

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Alto Systems Project: Dan Ingalls discusses and demonstrates Smalltalk…

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Lagerstätten für seltene Erze: Schreibtischschubladen mit abgelegten Handys –…

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MIT_CSAIL Happy birthday to Alexey Pajitnov, the Russian programmer who created "Tetris":

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.@Foone Why dump/waste the energy and raise the entropy? Convert it! For a lovely cup of hot Earl Grey from the replicator, i.e.

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It was his family’s destiny to come up with a decent text processing utility. And he delivered, clearing his surnam……

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“Trixter of Hornet released a demo called "8088 Domination", which shows off real-time video and audio playback on……

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bitsavers Recovered this rarity from crap Memorex tape

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