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tsutsuii Happy Birthday !
NetBSD 9.0 still supports you.

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Foone I've updated my Floppy Controllers List! I fixed the placement of bbc-fdc (I called it USB, but as the author point……

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RitholtzWealth Today in market history, 1992:

IBM introduces the IBM Simon Personal Communicator or "IBM Simon" - the world's fi……

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polprogpl How many SCSI buses can you count? Tip: The motherbiard has a 1 channel integrated controller as well.

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textfiles Note:

"Have you ever wanted to archive all the web pages linked from an email message? Well, you are in luck beca……

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MacLinkPlus (PC/GR) – über Grenzen hinweg Daten zu inkompatiblen MS-DOS-PCs austauschen. Per Diskette oder bequemer……

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sanketsahu MS-DOS was Dark Mode by default.

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Microcom DeskPorte Fast+ 28800 bps Modem.

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mcclure111 A few years ago, I was making music toys for Mac OS X and a friend of mine was making music toys (as homebrew) for……

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ianh_ @michielsikma @MammonMachine @mcclure111 It’s funny, C64 cassettes are much easier to run on a Catalina Mac than 32-bit Mac apps are

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“Tunnels of Armageddon” - die Freuden eines Nutzers, und die Freude eines Entwicklers, nach 30 Jahren.…

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.@jens2go *no* digital medium is meant to endure. You can opt for better suited media (DVD-RAM, BluRay M-Disc …) th……

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MIT_CSAIL Happy birthday to programming pioneer Dame S. Shirley, who in 1962 founded a software company that was at one point……

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Zusatzplatine für den Atari ST, für IDE, TOS2.06/256 KB Decodierung, und Blitter für Extra-Platten-Geschwindigkeit:……

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textfiles Beautiful scan by @xarph suitable as desktop

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HyperCardOnline Test is now available online.…

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Die_Reklame Der Spiegel, 8. März 1971

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LostTrainDude I made a little zen game where you manually defrag an HDD.

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dimensionmedia Usage Share of Internet Browsers 1996 - 2019 (via @reddit

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netbsd_bugs kern/54470 Adapt FFS to work with HP-UX UFS1 variant

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ngIRCd 25 on NetBSD 8.0 on mipsel (Cobalt Qube 2): works! My favourite IRC server on one of the cutest platforms ev……

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# uname -a
NetBSD 8.0 NetBSD 8.0 (GENERIC) #0: Tue Jul 17 14:59:51 UTC 2018 […] cobalt ––……

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GitHub - nanochess/bootOS: bootOS is a monolithic operating system in 512 bytes of x86 machine code.……

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