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Lord_Arse I wrote and published the Atari ST game Evilution back in 1991. Now, after 29 years it's back in the public domain!……

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Sonntagnachmittagputzaktion - Carry 8088 Booksize PC - XT-Tastatur. Mellerud, Isoprop, Geschirrschwamm, knapp 2 Stu……

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„Was willst du den machen?“


„Dafür brauchst du Brokkoli?“


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@Horst_Hutzel Ich schreie auch nicht panisch, wenn auf der Wiese vor mir sich ein Hai beim Wiederkäuen sonnt.

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leyrer Camp everywhere!

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michaelberry Here we go again! Win a free mousepad of your choice from Just retweet this post to enter t……

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ApogeeSoftware Sneak Peak #2

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binitamshah Modern C :

Download :… (pdf)

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TubeTimeUS check out this fascinating description of the first 3 1/2" floppy disk and drive from July 1981! (yes, the 3 1/2" f……

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Suche einen ordentlich erhaltenen MDA-/Hercules-Monitor.

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@TechConnectify And why didn’t we just choose "web." to be distinguishable from "ftp.", "irc.", "mail.", "uucp." and "gopher."?

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Rainmaker1973 NASA only uses 15 digits of π for calculating interplanetary travel. At 40 digits, you could calculate the circumfe……

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webjedi For some reason... I hadn’t seen this one before.

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>1000 Vintage Synthesizers and Sequencers in one room:…

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MIT_CSAIL in 1994 IBM released what’s widely known as the first smartphone, the Simon.

The first personal digital assi……

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RealJamHamster I made a fully self contained virtual tape deck from an Arduitape/TZXDuino, it turned out pretty decently. 😊…

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RichardWestenra Personally, I prefer to increase the spacing for each successive indent according to the Fibbonaci sequence:

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@leyrer The 5.25" floppy disk could hold Smalltalk, and it would be legit.…

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Duke Nukem 3D gibt’s ja leider nicht mehr bei GOG, und das alte läuft nicht mehr auf macOS Catalina / 10.15.x. Aber……

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paulrickards The Panasonic RK-P400C Penwriter typewritter plotter drawing a design under computer control via RS-232……

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Wenn man neue alte Rechner reinbekommt: nicht einfach die Bootfloppy reinschieben. Sondern erst den Dreisprung: Bat……

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@Foone CRT rot … quite common for some tubes. Good news is: can be fixed, most of the time.

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getDigital_de Stundenlanges Debuggen kann dir minutenlanges Lesen der Dokumentation ersparen.

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dammitalltohell Good sign.
Terrible placement.

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Der Home-Computer. Wie er an den Tisch gebeten wurde, und warum.…

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