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EmilyGorcenski holy

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rhayadercompute After lots of requests here are some more keyrings at

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ATARIworld Storm ST - eine 8 MB Speicherweiterung für Atari ST in Entwicklung…

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@TheJoyofSticks Has been available for both in color and monochrome. 2D side view platformer, with collecting of ge……

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@TheJoyofSticks Supersprint / Ballerburg / Oxyd / Wizard Royal / Xenon2

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cstross @SwiftOnSecurity Back in 1993, SCO (then a real UNIX-on-Intel OEM) dropped out of competition with WinNT on the des……

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MartinRemains If you intend to remove the UK from the human rights convention I must conclude it is in order to reduce my human r……

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cccfr @3rz_de may the pong wars begin : Sa 15h Lange Retro-Gaming-Night

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Samstag, ab 15 Uhr c.t. im CCC Freiburg, Adlerstr. 12a: Lange Retro-Gaming-Night:

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alf_frommer Plötzlich weint BILD um Menschen, die sie sonst zum Feindbild macht.

Wer Rassismus von Sarrazin Platz bietet, wer……

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hypertalking I 💙 the isometric icons BeOS uses ☺️

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knubbelmac Mac SE/30 wieder zum Leben erweckt: Elkos getauscht. Und weil wir schon dabei waren: Batterie durch ein Stück gedre……

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OH: „Ich habe einen Vogel und 15 Leben – was soll mir schon passieren.“ @cccfr @SMTWde

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SammyOVision Fallen London has the best gender selection screen.

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TauonTeilchen LRGN - Lange Retro Gaming Nacht
Spiele-Spaß an echter Hardware.
29 Feb 2020, 15:15 Uhr…

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ArduinoFilestore: A project to use an Arduino, a bit of “glue” and an Econet adapter to build a small fileserver fo……

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Texel, die Tabellenkalkulation für TOS-kompatible Systeme, ist nun quelloffen. Lizenz folgt diese Tage. Wir hatten……

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BinaryDinosaurs Calling all Sharp X68000 owners! I know there’s a few of you out there. I’ve been contacted by an owner in France l……

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jimmyg 1/ Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the introduction of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5 for Mac. This was b……

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JasonSCampbell On the possibility of an Iranian cyberattack, Fox's Pete Hegseth says "I just have visions of Iranians throwing com……

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fahhrrad Und auch im neuen Jahr täglich das gleiche Spiel am . @PolizeiHamburg schaut tatenlos zu.……

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LaF0rge PPP Dialup Internet via USR Courier at assembly

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@48kRAM Desoldering the dead caps, cleaning the mainboard with isopropyl alcohol, soldering new caps, worked 90% of the time.

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